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A better balance

Everything works better in balance. Park Meadows aims to create that inner harmony, where you can hear movement, feel the view and smell its flavour. Senses awakened, heart open.
And the best thing is: Building starts upcoming January.

Park Meadows, your own sanctuary.

The City
to your park

Unifying architectural aesthetics with raw elements.
Experience the exhilarating liveliness of a city coexisting with nature. Get yourself ready for future heritage.
This is Park Meadows.


Park Meadows is strategically located in Amsterdam-South, and adjacent to the Beatrixpark. Here, Park Meadows bridges the gap between the vibrant city of Amsterdam, its business district at the Zuidas, and the tranquil nature of the Beatrixpark.

No matter who you expect or where you’re headed; public transportation, exit roads and Schiphol Airport are just around the corner.

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